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Warmly celebrate the smooth operation of the full automatic production line of green energy power!

Release date: 2021-1-18
Green power has an annual output of 166-182mm battery, large size and high efficiency battery pack capacity of 500MW! The future has come, let's make persistent efforts to create a better tomorrow!

The leaders of the Municipal Federation of trade unions go deep into the green power to carry out the cooling and condolence activities.

Release date: 2018-8-14
Since the beginning of summer, the weather in our city has been hot and muggy, in order to protect the health and production safety of the front-line workers in enterprises, the City Federation of trade unions leaders came to the production site of our company to carry out the "cool summer" consolation activities, in the hot summer for the front-line workers to send cool and healthy. On July 24, 2018, the chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Guan Yongjun and vice-chairman Wang Dezhou, together with some of the leading groups of the Federation of Trade Unions, went deep into the greenery power supply to carry out the cooling and consolation activities. They inspected the working conditions of the enterprise and the working environment of the workshop, cordially consoled the staff who were firmly in the front line and sent drinks, towels, wind oil and other summer defense activities. Summer products, for the workers in the high temperature operation, send the care of the "mother's family". During the consolation, the leaders of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions inquired about the production and living conditions of the workers, and instructed the enterprises to take care of the workers, to implement various measures to prevent and cool down the heat, so as to ensure the normal operation of production. It is reported that the city's trade union leaders will carry out every summer to send cool visits to the activities of consolation, through the first-line workers presented with Anti-summer cooling supplies, strengthen the humanistic care of workers, to create a harmonious and stable atmosphere.

Green power distributed photovoltaic power station project

Release date: 2018-8-14
With the increasing depletion of traditional energy on the earth, the energy problem remains to be solved.As an inexhaustible new clean energy, solar energy has gradually become the main new energy in the future. Solar photovoltaic is widely used in large power plants and home distribution. So what is photovoltaic distribution? The so-called distributed photovoltaic system, refers to the small-scale photovoltaic power generation system installed in the household or industrial and commercial buildings roof and courtyard, to the owner of "spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity grid" mode of operation. Germany, Japan and other developed countries are mainly distributed photovoltaic, using the "spontaneous self-use, surplus electricity grid" way to solve the problem of photovoltaic power generation, but also to avoid large-scale ground power stations "optical limit" phenomenon. A considerable proportion of our components are exported to Japan. The client of long-term strategic cooperation is Hansen. Overseas, 20% of Australian households have installed PV systems, 50% in Germany and 80% in Japan.In China, although there are 200 million independent houses and 5 million villas, only less than 1% of the PV power generation system is installed. The utilization rate of new energy is still very low. There is still much room for PV power generation in the domestic market.The top three of the global installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation are Germany, China and Japan. Comparison of government subsidy methods at home and abroad Germany: encourage voluntary use.In Germany's 2013 policy, photovoltaic power generation systems below 500 kW can adopt the policy of "spontaneous self-use, surplus power to the grid"; systems larger than 500 kW can implement the policy of "grid tariff".2MW or above will not be subsidized.Distributed generation (DG) in Germany has experienced an explosive growth in 2008-10 years. In 13 years, DG installed in Germany accounted for 75% of PV generation. Japan: Japan's rapid development of photovoltaic power generation is due to its high tariff subsidy policy, the price of residential subsidies to the grid as high as 42 yen, equivalent to 2.57 yuan. Japan's high subsidies for new energy are mainly due to the Fukushima nuclear power crisis in 2011, so the Japanese people and government are particularly in need of new energy, the 2020 Summer Olympics and other major events have also promoted the development of solar energy in Japan.However, in recent years, Japan has gradually reduced the subsidy tariff. The United States: As a developed country, the U.S. government's support for solar power as long as it is still in the bad investment environment, including investment tax returns, accelerated depreciation, direct investment subsidies and other preferential policies. China: In 13 years, China promulgated the Notice of the State Development and Reform Commission on the Promotion of the Healthy Development of the Photovoltaic Industry by Playing a Price Leverage Role, which clearly stipulated that the annual subsidies for photovoltaic power generation should be 0.42 yuan per kilowatt-hour, unchanged in principle for 20 years.The price of electricity for three types of photovoltaic power generation areas is also specified. However, the market share of distributed photovoltaic power generation in China is quite different from that in other countries.The proportion of distributed PV installed in China is far below that of foreign countries. Different countries have different national conditions, and the proportion of distributed photovoltaic generation is different.For China, the market needs to be distributed rapidly, and distributed really has a lot of market development space.Next is the choice of users.

The completion and commissioning of Jiangsu Sun Group 300MW high-efficiency double-glass module and the commencement ceremony of the R&D building of science and technology were solemnly held

Release date: 2018-3-3
On the morning of March 21, Jiangsu Sun Group held a commencement ceremony for the completion and commissioning of the 300MW high-efficiency twin-glass module and the start-up of the R&D building of science and technology. The chairman of Jiangsu Sun Group and the mayor of Yangzhong City attended the commencement ceremony and addressed the opening ceremony. Jiangsu Sun Group 300MW new high-efficiency double-glass components and technology R&D building project by the sun group under the Jiangsu Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. investment construction, new high-efficiency double-glass components project and expand silver aluminum paste electronic slurry products. The total investment of the project is 500 million yuan, 60 mu of existing land is used, 200 million yuan is invested in the first phase, 25,000 square meters of standardized factory buildings and office buildings are expanded, and the production line of intelligent photovoltaic modules is imported from Germany. At present, the construction of the factory building and office building of this project has been completed, the supporting 1.8MW roof photovoltaic power generation system is being installed, the first stage of 300MW module production line has been installed and is in trial production. At the same time, a 15 thousand square meter science and technology research and development building will be started and planned to be completed by the end of July. After the project is formally put into operation, it can increase sales by 800 million yuan.

2017 delivery first order! Green power products delivered to customers, officially enter the domestic PV!

Release date: 2018-3-3
April 8, 2017, is an extraordinary day, the first batch of green power products successfully delivered to end customers (Jiangsu Solar Energy Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.), marking the green power into the domestic market. During the period of order production, customers also visited the green power production and processing base, visited the customized processing workshop and watched the production process. Mr. Xie Tao, General Manager of Green Power, accompanied the tour and introduced the equipment, production process, quality control and testing of the Customization Center to the customers in detail. The customer deeply felt the craftsman spirit of the green power brand, and was full of confidence in the green power product. Since its establishment in June 2015, Green Power has been adhering to the concept of forging quality, excellence, abiding by quality standards, providing customers with professional product services. At home, we have reached a long-term cooperation agreement with Suntech, a photovoltaic giant. In foreign countries, the independent design patent style has successfully reached the cooperation intention with the famous Japanese customers. 2018, we expect more people from the PV industry to join the green power and grow together with the green power company.
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